Texts in Translation into Ukrainian

Lots of texts available here for free, read online (you can't download).  In order to see the selection, and if you don't read Ukrainian, allow your browser to translate the page into English after clicking on the link and then go to "Foreign Literature" for the full list of titles available. There is a page for Shakespeare texts William Shakespeare — full texts of works. List of works in the library (ukrlib.com.ua) for example. Be aware that the list is organised alphabetically using Ukrainian phonics so things might not be in the place you'd normally expect eg James Joyce is in the same place as Charles Dickens. Some titles have not translated perfectly either eg "Much ado about nothing" is "A lot of hype from nothing" and some author's names might be spelled differently eg Mark Haddon has become Mark Geddon, author of that well-known novel "Mysterious night dog incident" but it's a big collection and it's available free.

Click https://www.ukrlib.com.ua/ link to open resource.