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by Astrid Dinneen - Monday, 16 July 2018, 4:24 PM
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In this blog I reflect on the team’s first year of blog writing and reveal what’s in store for readers in the Autumn term 2018.

It’s been an exciting first year of blog writing at Hampshire EMTAS with articles relating to a wide range of subjects: EAL, GRT, pedagogy, peer mentoring and much more. Did you notice our blogs are tagged using meaningful keywords? This makes our articles incredibly easy to navigate. You can simply explore our word cloud and click on any tag to see a list of related articles. Why not have a go and see what articles we have in store for you on the theme of Parents, ICT or Communication? For those of you who prefer a table of content, links to the latest 10 articles can be found just below our word cloud.

If you’re already a fan of our blog you will have noticed that our articles have been written by different members of the Hampshire EMTAS team in a variety of roles: Bilingual Assistants, Teacher Advisors, Education Advisors, Team Leaders, etc. Giving the wider team a voice has resulted in rich content which taps into the diverse experience and expertise of our writers. The nature of blog-writing has also given us flexibility in terms of style, tone and formality meaning that every writer’s personality shines through. For example, one of our authors shared the humorous side of her experience as an EAL parent by writing several instalments of a diary. Other writers chose a more academic tone to present research findings (use tags ABAN, WOTH, UASC, etc. for some examples).

We will continue providing a wide range of articles in the new academic year from more wonderful writers in the Bilingual Assistant, Traveller, Admin and Teacher teams at Hampshire EMTAS. We also look forward to publishing work from practitioners and pupils in schools and invite readers to get in touch with a proposal. Readers can also request a blog on a particular topic by using the comment box below (developing a dialogue between you and our writers is another advantage of blogging).

We wish all our readers and writers a well-deserved summer – the perfect time to look back at the 18 fantastic articles published here and to reflect on practice!

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