Topic outline

  • About the E Learning

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  • Roles Mapping


    • Introduction


      This unit covers:

      • trends in data since 2004
      • definitions of key terms related to working with EAL learners
      • the range of experiences in EAL learners’ backgrounds 

      Completion Time: 20-25 minutes

      • Core Principles

        Maslow's hierarchy

        This unit covers:
        • how and when to assess new arrivals
        • time-tabling and grouping issues

        Completion Time: 25-30 minutes

        • SEND:EAL Interface

          Desktop game

          This unit covers:

          • indicators that relate to educational progression
          • how to distinguish the difference between SEND and EAL
          • next steps in supporting the EAL needs of learners

          Completion Time: 45 minutes
          • Working with parents

            Video screens

            This unit covers:

            • procedures for meeting families on the first day of school
            • the importance of understanding linguistic and cultural issues
            • ideas for creating a more welcoming school environment
            • different ways to facilitate communication with parents

            Completion Time: 60 minutes
            • Teaching and Learning 1

              Welsh lesson

              This unit covers:

              • aspects around how it feels to be a second language learner
              • strategies and resources to meet the needs of new to English and beginner EAL learners

              Completion Time: 35 minutes
              • Bilingualism


                This unit covers:

                • theories around language learning and second language acquisition
                • the long-term benefits of multilingualism

                Completion Time: 45 minutes
                • Bilingual Conferencing

                  Parent conference video

                  This unit covers:

                  • how to prepare for and run an adult bilingual conferencing meeting using an interpreter

                  Completion Time: 25 minutes
                  • Unaccompanied Asylum Seekers in Care

                    UASC Video

                    This unit covers:

                    • general information about UASC
                    • good practice principles of working with UASC in schools
                    • basic information about completing a Personal Education Plan

                    Completion Time: 30 minutes
                    • Culturally Inclusive School

                      Map of school

                      This unit covers:

                      • examples of culturally inclusive approaches
                      • the principles of a rights respecting education

                      Completion Time: 35 minutes
                      • First Language (L1) Assessment

                        Information about the unit

                        This unit covers:

                        • the rationale for conducting an L1 assessment
                        • how to conduct an L1 assessment without access to a competent user of the target language

                        Completion Time: 45 minutes
                        • Role of EAL Co-ordinator

                          Podcast mountain

                          This unit covers:

                          • the multifaceted nature of the role of EAL Co-ordinator
                          • the important role that all school staff, parents and pupils have in supporting this job profile
                          • building an action plan for the role

                          Completion Time: 40 minutes
                          • Perspectives on multilingualism - schools, children and families

                            Make a poster

                            This unit covers:

                            • reflection on personal experiences of multilingual practice in a specific working context
                            • typical questions related to use of languages for learning within the school, home and wider community
                            • case studies showing how to capitalise more effectively on the multilingual proficiencies of children, parents and other adults within the whole school community
                            • creation of a best practice aide-mémoire 

                            Completion Time: 40-45 minutes
                            • Supporting children and families from Gypsy, Roma and Traveller (GRT) backgrounds

                              podcast screen

                              This unit covers:

                              • lingusitic and cultural information about GRT backgrounds
                              • phase-specific examples of how to best support children and families from GRT heritages
                              • building an action plan for the GRT role

                              Completion Time: 40 minutes

                              • Developing culturally inclusive practice in Early Years settings

                                EY Front

                                This unit covers:

                                • the background context for BME, EAL and GRT communities within Hampshire LA 
                                • phase-specific examples of how to develop a more linguistically and culturally-infused EYFS setting
                                • assessment within EYFS and trajectories around language learning for pupils learning EAL
                                • building an action plan for EYFS
                                • resources to promote inclusion and diversity

                                Completion Time: 45 minutes