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    Welcome to the EMTAS Heritage Honours Award

    This award, launched in the academic year 2021-22,, aims to celebrate the achievements of children from BME, EAL and GRT backgrounds. Children and young people can be nominated for an award by the school they are currently attending.

    Relevant areas of success could include:

    • overcoming adversity
    • exceptional progress in acquiring EAL
    • first language achievements eg use of first language as a tool for learning, active involvement in the EMTAS first language pupil training program, storytelling, writing in L1, Heritage Language GCSEs etc.
    • promoting linguistic, religious and cultural awareness in school
    • significant contribution to high profile school initiatives such as Young Interpreters, School Council, Equality and Rights (EARA) work etc.
    • digital creations that showcase language/culture/religious experiences/interests
    • achievements beyond school related to linguistic, religious and cultural heritage 

  • How to nominate children and young people for an award

    Children and young people can be nominated for an award by anyone associated with the school eg school staff, parents/carers, peers, EMTAS staff or other local authority professionals.

    Children and young people should be consulted before their name is put forward for nomination, however the submission itself should be made by a member of the school staff who should then follow the steps below: 

    Step 1

    discuss the nomination with the named individual and their parents/carers

    Step 2

    fill in the nomination submission form on Moodle

    Step 3

    email the form to:

    Step 4

    an EMTAS Specialist Teacher Advisor will contact you to discuss the nomination

    Step 5

    after the discussion with an EMTAS Specialist Teacher Advisor, notify the family and child of their successful nomination

    The deadline for nominations is Friday 28th May 2021

    Use the nomination form below.

  • After nomination

    Successful nominees will receive a signed certificate - sample shown below:

    Heritage Honours sample certificate

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