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  • Information about sold services

    This section of our Moodle contains details of our sold service resources, such as our new 'EAL Conversations' training cards, EAL E Learning, 'Young Interpreters' support materials, 'Justic for Johnny' teaching pack and our GRT DVD.

  • EAL Conversation Cards


    This is a Q & A training resource for teachers and support staff working with pupils learning English as an additional language (EAL) and those with a Gypsy, Roma and Traveller (GRT) heritage across all school phases. The cards cover typical scenarios that crop up in schools with suggested solutions. The associated online version contains a duplicate searchable set of cards as well as links and references.

    Managers in schools can use these cards as a single point of reference to improve their knowledge about EAL and GRT issues. They are also perfect for whole staff training sessions, especially when used in conjunction with the online version.

    A pack of 70 cards and one login for the online version costs £45 + VAT

    You can access a sampler of the printed pack and the online version below.


  • EAL E Learning

    The Hampshire EMTAS EAL E Learning is a set of high-quality, cross-phase, interactive online training units based around catering for the needs of EAL learners.This resource is aimed at Governors, Inclusion managers, Teachers and TAs/LSAs. It has particular relevance for NQTs and trainee teachers.

    The E Learning consists of an expanding number of different units:

    1. Introduction to working with EAL learners
    2. Core principles
    3. Working with parents and the community
    4. The SEND:EAL interface
    5. Teaching and Learning 1
    6. Bilingualism
    7. Bilingual Conferencing
    8. First Language Assessment
    9. Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children
    10. Culturally Inclusive School

    Sample screenshots of E Learning

    There are a range of ways to purchase this E learning. There are options for Universities, Training Centres, Schools, Local Authorties and EAL consultants.

    Contact Chris Pim for further information:

    • Young Interpreter Scheme


      The Young Interpreter Scheme provides additional support to pupils who are learning English as an Additional Language (EAL), to their families and to schools.

      To set up our award-winning scheme, schools can order our Guidance Pack which comes with a book and a DVD. As part of the pack, practitioners are also given access to Moodle, an exclusive and interactive virtual platform where further guidance and advice are provided along with the latest news and events relating to the scheme.

      For details of the scheme, visit our website or contact Astrid Dinneen,

      winner This is an award-winning initiative. Read all about it in the Guardian and watch this ITV News item.

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