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  • Young Interpreter Scheme®

    Overall winner of The Guardian Public Services Awards 2013

    Winner of Chartered Institute of Linguists’ Threlford Cup 2018

    "Like so many of the best ideas, the Young Interpreter Scheme® is so stunningly simple that you wonder why it has not been done before."  David Brindle, The Guardian

    "The Young Interpreter Scheme® is an excellent example of practice that supports and develops children and young people’s confidence and leadership skills within schools". Ofsted
    "We have been impressed with the quality and depth of the resources on the Moodle.  We are convinced that the scheme is a great addition to Rochdale schools". Erica Field, Rochdale Borough Council

    The scheme offers training for learners aged 5-16 to develop the skills needed to help new arrivals with English as an Additional Language.
    Trained Young Interpreters help newly-arrived pupils feel welcome and settled in their new school environment. The scheme also develops the confidence, communication and leadership skills of the Young Interpreters. For schools it’s a way of valuing multilingualism whilst acknowledging and celebrating the skills of their learners.

    Young Interpreters can be speakers of English only or speakers of other languages. Together they use a range of inventive ideas modelled during their training to communicate with their new classmates.



    What guidance and support is offered?

    Primary and Secondary online registration to Young Interpreter Scheme® Moodle provides access to guidance and materials to train pupils

    - X (formerly Twitter) page showcases the latest Young Interpreter news and events

    - A range of branded badges, stickers and other items are available to purchase for a small additional cost

    - Cross-phase bonus materials offer trained Young Interpreters a range of exciting activities aimed to develop their skills

    What does it cost?

    £70 per school registration including unlimited access to either Primary or Secondary Moodle and cross-phase bonus materials.

    Click here to download an order form.

    - For questions relating to content and good YI practice, please contact Astrid Dinneen, YI Lead: 
    For questions relating to resources or an order, please contact Julie Yates:
    For questions relating to your school’s access to Moodle and to update contact details for your Young Interpreter Co-ordinator, please contact Julie Yates:
    - For questions relating to your username and password, please contact Lizzie Jenner: 
    - For general information about the scheme, please visit our website, read our blogs and check our Frequently Asked questions
    - To find a YI Champion in your Local Authority, click here