Find a YI Champion near you

YI Champions are EAL consultants and EMTAS counterparts working outside Hampshire. They are accredited by Hampshire EMTAS to support schools in their area in running the Young Interpreter Scheme according to its intended ethos. 

Isle of Wight 

Lynne Chinnery, 

Leeds City Council

Stéphanie Puisségur,

Nottinghamshire County Council

Annie Kershaw, 

Norfolk County Council 

Tanya Ingram, 

Tamzin Garrod,

Cecilia Basnett,

Northumberland County Council

Katherine Jessett,

Rochdale Borough Council 

Erica Field, 

Emily Humphrey and Lauren Hazel 

West Sussex 

Francesca Mancilla,


Rozamund Serle, 


Louise Ellis, 


Claire Sumner,

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